What do you use to weigh and label products with a variable weight? And for those with a fixed weight? These questions have a single answer: the new Galaxi HS!

Does your company belong to the food sector? So you are used to having to manage products with different weights, both fixed and variable.

Selecting, weighing and labelling this type of products is anything but simple.

So much so, in some cases, it can be actually necessary to resort to different tools, each specialised in a specific function.

To resolve definitively this problem, we at Coop Bilanciai have created the new Galaxi HS.

A flexible and dynamic solution, which can carry out all these functions alone.


The innovation which satisfies several productive functions.

Born from the evolution of our flagship productsMercury Plus -, the new Galaxi HS is one of the very few automatic online weighing machines which allows you to:

  • Weigh products with a variable and fixed weight, with a productive chain up to 130 items/m, a capacity up to 15 kg and a division of 1g
  • Label any product, customising the layout of the labels both for the language and for the customer.
  • Check the Product Batches with a Fixed Weight working in Checkweigher mode in accordance with Act 690/78 in checkweigher mode.


The result of our 50 years of experience, Galaxi HS has been studied to adapt itself to the specific demands of modern companies like yours.

Made of Stainless Steel – stainless and resistant -, it is ideal for small and medium sized companies.

It guarantees an excellent 3-in-1 solution, perfect for saving time and resources.

Galaxi HS is versatile, intuitive, easy to use and it integrates perfectly with all the tools of your productive line.



Total integration


The Galaxi HS can connect itself in a simple, complete and reliable way to your ERP management software.

It also allows you to program and check your processes in a centralized and bidirectional way for the management of Orders and Product Returns via the touch screen display, the generation of reports and constantly communicating with the ERP Management System via network protocol or SQL interface ensuring the monitoring of data and orders in real time.

Weighing and labelling your products with a fixed and variable weight with a single highly performing tool from today is possible.


Trust in the new Galaxi HS, contact us!


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