#WeighingSolutions Success stories in weighing: Alimenta Produzioni

Piadina, pinse, pre-packaged pizzas… those who produce these products at a fixed weight and in large quantities know that staying in the legally-established range is not easy.

Often the weight of the initial dough is different from that of the finished product. In addition, there is the problem of freshly-bagged hot products.

To avoid underdosing or overdosing, and the risk of giving away a certain amount of product each time and, therefore, reducing productivity…

➡ We need specific tools that can accurately and reliably control packaging compliance.

It is for this reason that Alimenta Produzioni has put their trust in us.

🍕 The company 🍕

A Romagna-based company founded by local people, Alimenta Produzioni was founded with the ambition of becoming a benchmark in the segment of the Piadine IGP and the Oven Line.

Within a short time, it has established itself as a market leader, with a national and international focus.

Hence, the need to ensure pre-packaged products intact, safe and with the right weight.

Our solution

To quickly and automatically manage the weight control operations of pre-packaged products, we at Coop Bilanciai have created Selecta.

A checkweigher designed specifically to verify the actual weight of fixed weight products and eliminate the burden of manual sampling.

Thanks to Selecta, Alimenta Produzioni has found a solution for:

  • Checking the exact weight of the packaging
  • Avoiding under-dosing and overdosing
  • Automating control over the entire production batch
  • Monitoring every step of the production process
  • Discovering any anomalies in real time and intervening in a timely manner
  • Reducing production errors and waste
  • Storing all data

👉 Alimenta Produzioni collaborates with us to eliminate any form of uncertainty and to optimise production.

Also, thanks to a wide range of strategic optional extras such as: metal detectors and X Rays for the detection of metals and other harmful substances, various ejection systems for non-compliant packaging and waste collection systems equipped with keys.

If you are looking for a safe and fast tool for checking the weight of your pre-packaged products, contact us!

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