Weighing of products with a variable weight, checking batches with a fixed weight and labelling. You can do all this with the new Galaxi HS.

In a world which increasingly demands more efficiency and flexibility, concentrating more functions in a single tool can make the difference.

This is why we at Coop Bilanciai, strengthened by our experience in weighing systems, have developed the new Galaxi HS which offers flexible weighing, labelling and control solutions that can be easily integrated with your production processes.

Galaxi HS performs, in one machine, – 3 of the most important tasks in the food industry.

The weighing of your products: of a variable and fixed weight

With an AISI 304 Stainless Steel structure, Galaxi HS allows you to weigh your variable weight and fixed weight products with:


  • productive chains up to 130 items/min
  • Scope up to 15 kg
  • weighing division from 1g

Automatic and personalised labelling

Galaxi HS is able to automatically print and apply labels compliant with the EU Regulation, inserting elements such as barcodes, QR codes, ingredients, nutritional values, production lot, amount, price, traceability in the layout etc.

Offering you the possibility to customise the graphics based on the language, the type of product code and your customers’ needs and to choose the position on the package on which to apply your labels.

Total control

Perfectly compatible with your ERP management system – via the SQL database – Galaxi HS connects in a simple and reliable way to your company host, allowing you to programme the functions in a centralised, efficient and – above all – bidirectional way both from the 10” touch screen display and from the workstation of your ERP management system

Guaranteeing you the possibility of sharing and exporting data via Lan, WiFi networks in real time.

A natural upgrade route

Born from the evolution of our Mercury Plus, Galaxi HS has a printing speed of up to 300 mm/sec, IP52 gear motors and complete modularity.

It can manage Track&Trace coding to identify and track every one of your products in an unequivocal manner.

The maintenance and cleaning operations are facilitated by the machine’s new ergonomic design.

It can only be integrated online with many ancillary devices: metal detectors, X-Rays, barcode readers, ejectors for products which are not compliant with pre-defied weight and/ or contaminated products.


If you are looking for a tool which can check and label at a high rate, but which can also tailor itself to your needs, contact us!

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