So many products. Many different forms. A single solution. Venus Sphera: weighing and labelling of your agricultural products.

Weighing and – above all – labelling products  with variable weight with an irregular shape  or  round, such as pumpkins, melons and watermelons, has never been a simple task.

The risk of inaccuracies is high and there are many indications to be reported on the label which require a certain level of detail.

To meet these needs, we at Coop Bilanciai have created Venus Sphera.

An innovative compact and precise weighing and labelling instrument, equipped with a particular transport system that allows you to:

✅ automatically carry out the weighing of products of variable weight

✅ label them whatever their shape, both spherical and irregular

✅ manage large and average-sized dimensions up to 15 kg

✅ guarantee a division of 5 grams

✅ achieving cadences of 30 items a minute.

The irregular becomes regular.

Handling exceptions and special cases has always been an important part of our job.

Creating Venus Sphera required experience, technical skills and a deep understanding of the characteristics and needs of the agricultural sector.

It was necessary to find an innovative and flexible solution capable of guaranteeing:

  • Precision in weighing.
  • Fast labelling
  • Delicate movements

Simple and intuitive, Venus Sphera has a compact and easily sanitised aluminium structure, allows real-time monitoring of your production and guarantees the archiving of all data, including traceability data.

Weighing and labelling are repetitive tasks which require precision. Your time is precious, let machines deal with them. Leave it to Venus Sphera, contact us!

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