Sampling inspections of fixed-weight products Save time and resources with our small business solutions!

You may find that the checks and inspections to ensure compliance with laws can be even more expensive than your production processes.

This can happen mainly because of oversized control systems, designed for very large companies, that are complicated to use and full of unnecessary features.

We at Coop Bilanciai are well aware of this. That’s why we have created an agile, tailor-made sampling inspection system for you… well, actually there are two!

To check your fixed weight products


In over 70 years of business, we at Coop Bilanciai have produced hundreds of weighing systems for companies like yours.

Solutions designed to adapt to the characteristics of small production facilities and meet your needs:

  • Highest quality at a low cost
  • Optimising your checks and control processes with a sampling inspection system
  • Full compliance with Law 690/78 and other regulations specific to your sector

Solutions such as…

1️⃣ Flynet50 Control System: the system that manages every step for you


Specially designed to check the weight of your pre-packaged products, the Flynet50 Control System is a manual weighing system that:

  • Weighs products to be checked by sampling
  • Produces the relevant quality and traceability reports
  • Prints the processing report with a summary of the entire batch

The Flynet50 Control System allows you to speed up your checks, and can make your production lines communicate, export processing data, and archive all your product information.

In addition – if desired – Flynet50 Control System offers you the possibility of connecting a second scale, thus extending your sampling possibilities.


2️⃣ DD700i: your desktop and wall-mounted control terminal


Designed to be both powerful and – simultaneously – easy to use, the DD700i is a customised terminal made of stainless steel, perfect for businesses operating in damp, wet or frequently cleaned environments.

Its intuitive display allows you to weigh and check the amount of product in each package in real time.

This feature lets you optimise your dosage management.

To check your fixed-weight products, choose a solution tailored to your company. Contact us!

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