The solution to over- and under-filling? One glance is enough!

Checking that each package contains the exact amount of product is essential.

With Coop Bilanciai visual inspection systems, you can check quantities more easily and quickly!

Just take a quick look to check!


For over 70 years, we at Coop Bilanciai have been helping companies like yours optimise their production processes.

We have developed visual inspection systems that make it easier for you to carry out inspections, which can now be done at a glance.


Our intuitive LED panel uses colour and position to tell you the exact amount of product placed inside each of your packages.

  • Red light on the left: severely under-filled
  • Yellow light on the left: slightly under-filled
  • Green light: weight as indicated
  • Yellow light on the right: slightly over-filled
  • Red light on the right: excessively over-filled

For maximum supervision… only one person is needed!


Our visual inspection equipment is designed to be accessible to everyone.

For this reason, they do not require special training or highly trained personnel.

They can be used easily by any employee, at any time and immediately to their full potential.

What’s more – although they require the presence of human intervention – they guarantee an extremely high level of accuracy because they allow you to correct in real time any quantities that do not conform to the declared weight.

For precise checks… only one instrument is needed!


Choose simplicity. Make checking your products easier with our visual inspection equipment. Contact us!


Do you want to find out what else we offer small businesses? Follow this hashtag: #solutionsforsmallbusinesses

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