The competitiveness of your company depends on quality. You produce it. We check it, automatically!

Quality control is essential for those who, like you, produce pre-packaged products with a fixed weight.

You can do it based on human intervention, with the risk of incurring errors, over-dosage and, in the event of weights which do not comply with the standards, even penalties.

Or you can choose an automated solution for quality control of your products like our checkweighers!

To increase your competitiveness

When you produce fixed weight pre-packed products, your competitiveness is closely linked to weight control.

Because filling each pack with the right amount of product allows you to:

  • Avoid useless waste
  • Have zero waste due to packaging which does not meet the required values

Reliable and precise, Coop Bilanciai checkweighers were created to help companies like yours check the exact weight of your products in real time.

Offering you the possibility to adjust for any fluctuations.

But not just that!

To consolidate your reputation

With over 70 years of experience behind us, we at Coop Bilanciai know that the quality of your products can be certified to make your reputation as solid as a rock!

It is for this reason that our checkweighers:

  • are MID certified
  • guarantee compliance with the terms established by Law 690

Thus protecting your company from rather steep fines!

Optional as a quality process

And if your company needs more advanced weighing capable of detecting the presence of polluting substances and discarding non-compliant packages, our checkweighers have accessories designed just for this!

Like our Metal Detectors and the X ray inspection systems!

Durable over time. Versatile in the installation. Perfectly integrated with your production lines.

Ensure your company has the competitive advantages which only automated quality control can offer, through Coop Bilanciai checkweighers!

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