Thank you for making our participation in Anuga Foodtech a success!

Thank you for making our participation in Anuga Foodtech a success!

The Anuga Foodtech fair in Cologne has come to an end. But not before kicking off an incredible season of great opportunities for us at Coop Bilanciai! It seemed only right, therefore, to write a few lines of thanks to the true architects of this success: all of you! 

A heartfelt thank you to our partners. 

Anuga Foodtech has given us the opportunity to strengthen relationships with those of you who are already our partners. We have shared ideas, proposed projects, and extended our collaborations. Together, we have planned a near and absolutely tangible future. And the fair has also introduced us to many potential partners, companies that share our ideals and objectives, entities with whom – we are convinced – we will achieve a lot.

A warm thank you to our customers. 

You came to visit us to see our Selecta and our Galaxi, or in search of specific solutions, or to propose technical challenges that we were more than happy to accept. It is your requests and your trust that have made Coop Bilanciai what it is today. And the great participation you have shown us at Anuga Foodtech only confirms it!

And a deep appreciation towards our salespeople and our technicians. 

We hope to see you all at the next appointment!

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