#SoluzioniDiPeso Success stories in the weighing field: the Company Deligusti

High quality gastronomy and – in particular – the fish/seafood sector often require customised solutions.

Machines which can weigh and label products with a variable and a fixed weight.

Systems which can operate in a fast, automatic and integrated way.

And it is for this reason that the company Deligusti relied on us.


🔗 The roots of the past 🔗

Established over 25 years ago, Deligusti immediately established itself on the Italian scene as a company specialising in the production and distribution of marinated fish/seafood and products of the land.

Success and territorial expansion soon led the company to choose only flexible, fast and customised systems for weighing and pricing its fish trays … such as our Mercury Plus.

Ideal for  avoiding excess dosage, identifying any contaminants, weighing and applying labels with different codes.

Actually, from  starting from the Mercury Plus,  we at Coop Bilanciai have gone further, creating a solution of   latest generation   studied precisely for the  weighing, labelling and checking of your variable and fixed weight products.

The new Galaxi HS.


âš– The functions of tomorrow âš–

A higher productive chain. An increasingly resistant structure. A transition 4.0 proof integration with EDP.

The new Galaxi HS guarantees production up to 130 items a minute and a printing speed up to 300 mm/sec.

With an AISI 304 stainless steel frame, it has increasingly compact dimensions, designed to be placed it within any production area.

The EDP integration system has also been enhanced through an SQL interface Database which allows bidirectional dialogue between production and lines allowing you to programme and check your processes both from the Galaxi HS and from your management system.

By ensuring order fulfilment data in real time.

Some relevant features:

  • IP54 gear motors
  • AIRJET label applicators of dimensions up to W100 L120
  • Track&trace management to make each label unique and trackable
  • Modularity and speed of processing more advanced data

So many of our client companies have already decided to upgrade and move to our new latest product.

Choose the future. Choose Galaxi HS. Contact us!

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