#SoluzioniDiPeso Success stories in the weighing field: the ATEX Area of San Marco

To create weighing systems for areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere, the precision required is vitally important. But this alone does not suffice.

➡ Targeted skills, experience in the field and specific certifications are needed.

This is why the ATEX Area of San Marco trusted in us.

💥 The ATEX Area 💥

Classified as a place where hazards associated with the presence of flammable gases, vapours or mists can occur, the ATEX Zone of San Marco needed a weighing system equipped with special digital load cells and…

…On rails!

In addition, to avoid moving the tanks unnecessarily, it was essential to position this system directly at the unloading points.

Our solution

For over 25 years, we at Coop Bilanciai have been designing, manufacturing and installing weighing systems specifically designed for areas in potentially explosive

In this case we have studied a complete system with:

  • Special tested load cells which are Atex certified
  • Railway weighing platforms of 18 m and 100 t capacity
  • Road platforms installed above ground with 16×3 m and 60 t guardrails
  • Weighing terminals positioned in the control room
  • Smart software which allows a single operator to manage and supervise all the operations

👉 Since 2002, the Atex area of San Marco has been collaborating with us to weigh products without actually removing the vehicle, thanks to systems which also allow loading and shipping of materials!

If you too are looking for a weighing solution equipped with the best components and certified load cells for your Atex area, contact us!

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