#SoluzioniDiPeso Success stories in the field of weighing: ferrous materials recovery plant

Managing a plant which recovers and recycles ferrous materials does not just require advanced weighing solutions…

➡ But complete solutions which can automate and make each and every process safe.

And this is why a well-known company which recovers ferrous scrap entrusted us!

♻ The company ♻

International in its scope, the company is specialised in the recovery and supply of ferrous and non ferrous metallic scrap to Italian and foreign steel mills and smelting plants.

In its DNA it has a strong propensity to eco-sustainability : inside its 120,000 m3 plant, every day it restores life to material waste to make it useable again in the production cycle.

From here thedemand to:

  • Effectively manage the access flows of vehicles at the plant
  • Weigh the exact quantity of incoming and outgoing materials to document the entire activity with IT reports

Our solution

To guarantee the maximum reliability of weighing and automate the company’s recovery plant, we at Coop Bilanciai have created a made-to-measure solution.

What does that include?

The insertion of three 18m weighbridges, numerous control systems, devices to recognise the number plates with an OCR camera and other measures…

Which have simplified the flows of incoming and outgoing, which now anticipate few precise phases:

  1. The vehicle arrives at the forecourt
  2. It is registered at the reception lobby and given an entry pass
  3. It is called inside the factory and placed on a Coop Bilanciai weighbridge
  4. The various data is recorded and the loading/ uploading material is photographed
  5. The vehicle leaves the factory

In this way, the company has optimised the management of its own flows.

👉 Furthermore, it has managed to reduce errors, remove dead time and document via IT all the phases of its processes!

If you too are seeking a solution to weigh your material and automate your recovery and recycling plant contact us!

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