Simplify the management of your Recycling Depot with ECODIADE: the Coop Bilanciai solution you cannot refuse!

Every day the recycling depot which manages the waste collection of various private individuals residing in your relevant area.

But what happens when non-registered or non-resident users want to access your waste centre? And if non-domestic users arrive? Or in the event of erroneous weighing?

For all these situations, we at Coop Bilanciai have studied a tailored solution: ECODIADE.

The software of recycling depots of small and medium-sized dimensions which makes your waste management faster and easier.

It’s fast…

ECODIADE immediately identifies the vehicle registration plates of non-domestic users as well as the names of private users who access your Collection Centre…

Even through the Health Card!

In addition, it automatically connects to your server for downloading the various provisions, speeding up unloading operations and better managing waste collection.

It’s good…

Our innovative software for recycling depots allows you to:

  • Know the weight and type of provision made
  • Customise the graphic interface, including logos and text
  • Also accept non-registered or non-resident users
  • Manage more scales at the same time
  • Intervene in incorrect weights inserted by the users

In an extremely simple way. But not just that!

Do it yourself…

Ecodiade allows you to manage remotely, and simultaneously, one or more Collection Centres located throughout the area.

It presents an integrated stamping system and operates smart weighing, offering the possibility to choose the type of weight and weighing methods of the waste provided.

It’s the best software for you!

Ideal if your centre collects cumbersome waste, wood and similar, paper and cardboard, batteries and cells, ECODIADE guarantees you optimised management of waste also in the case of a provision by multi users.

It’s for these reasons that various recycling depots like yours have already chosen ECODIADE to simplify the actual processes.

If you too are looking for software which can easily and quickly manage the waste of your Collection Centre, Contact us!

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