Simplify complexity. Choose from our latest products when automating your business!

The market is demanding higher productivity. Automation can give it to you. And we can give you innovative automation solutions.

Cutting-edge systems, which can be integrated perfectly into every element of your production line.

Speeding up times. Reducing costs. And greatly eliminating the risk of human error.

Automation solutions, even for the most complex situations.


All sectors have specific features.

Throughout our many decades of history, we at Coop Bilanciai have had to deal with many of them and we have studied their characteristics and needs.

We have then dedicated time and resources to create innovative and complete solutions capable of responding to the various challenges experienced by large and small companies every day.

This is how our integrated systems for industrial automation were born, which also go beyond just weighing.

Your tools, your staff, a whole new productivity

The distinctive feature of our solutions is that they integrate perfectly with your business.

Our systems support your staff and tools. They automate your most repetitive processes and operations. They simplify the various phases of your production line.

  • Equipped with sensors for predictive diagnostics and maintenance
  • They are able to weigh and label objects of any shape
  • They make goods loading and unloading, piece counting and checkweighing more instant, thanks to exclusive readers, lights and terminals.
  • They have specific programs and functionality for logistics and transport
  • They are covered by 24-hour assistance

What’s more, to offer an even more innovative solution that enables your staff to easily and efficiently manage all this, we have created advanced software like Easy Logis.

Extremely customisable, Easy Logis has a simple and intuitive interface.

And it can be integrated without any problems with your ERP, your administrative software and machinery already on your production line!

It will increase your productivity. Choose our innovative solutions to automate your business!

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