Safety, conformity, legality

We guarantee...

that your products will be installed, repaired and checked Safely and in compliance with the Law, as well as any certificate modification. CoopBilanciai guarantees that all the documentation on safety will be fully managed to be accessed by companies and that worksites will be managed by its own Site Mangers and Construction mangers (POS, PSC, DUVRI, etc.). In addition, we guarantee that our technicians will be duly trained on safety by means of specific courses on confined areas, works carried out at a height, PLE, Forklift and First Aid and that all appropriate equipment and PPE will be supplied. Conformity and legality are ensured by our multi-decennial experience in the weighing field with regard to Metrology, and by the Compliance of our products with EC Directive, since we produce Mechanical and electronic tools.
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