Technical support

Thanks to our experience, we carry out technical assistance on any weighing system!

Maximum timeliness. Full support. Personalized interventions.

For us at Coop Bilanciai, assistance comes first

With over 70 years of experience behind us, we can offer you technical support service phone assistance, via a help desk – to solve any issue of a mechanical, electronic, software or metrological nature…

Any, whether it is the weighing machine, scale or weighing system in your company!

All the technical assistance you need in a single partner

Need help operating your products? Do you want to schedule their maintenance? Or do you want to request assistance?

Our team of specialised technicians is at your service to ensure a tailor-made maintenance service.

  • Timely: Whatever the problem with your production lines, we take quick action to find a solution quickly. In addition, through the traceability system, we are able to trace your type of system to verify the necessary spare parts.
  • Total: we guarantee complete support for your machines and your people. On the other hand, we speak the same language as your technicians and – before intervening onsite – we are at their disposal to guarantee the best phone support.
  • Customised: our interventions are tailor-made according to the specific needs of your company.

The extensiveness of our service is guaranteed everywhere, both in Italy and worldwide, thanks to the Coop Bilanciai group Dealers and Partners.

If you need technical assistance for your weighing machines, scales or weighing systems, we can help you! Contact us!

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