Specialised consultancy

Weighing has always been our core business. We provide consultancy for all your weighing needs.

Weighing is our core business. We have always aimed to be able to provide a weighing solution that meets the needs of any company, in any sector, for any case.

This is an ambitious goal, of course, but one that has driven us over the years to accumulate an enormous amount of know-how and experience in extremely varied production sectors, to devise innovative solutions to solve new critical issues and to customise existing products to suit different customer needs.

Technicians, software specialists, salespeople, instruments and data: this is what we provide when you ask us for a solution to your weighing needs.

This consultancy is specialised in handling all types of cases, with a history of installations already carried out on which to rely and the necessary know-how to adapt existing solutions to your needs, customising them or creating entirely new ones.

Moreover, in a world increasingly dominated by industrial automation, our consultants can assist you both in integrating our solutions into your existing production line and in setting up completely new industrial automation systems.

Our consultancy does not stop at pre-sales: we will also be at your side for maintenance, thanks to tailor-made service contracts, and we will be ready to assist you in case of extensions or renewals of your line.

If you are not looking for simple instruments, but for complete solutions to your needs, we can provide them.

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