Give the right weight to your agricultural products! Discover the tailor-made solutions designed for your company.

Tractors, sowing equipment, combine harvesters. Agricultural activities  require numerous machines and  specific tools . Among all these scalesassume a primary role.

Not only because  each product  harvested and processed is subsequently  weighed , but also because this measurement affects the  productivity level  of  your company .

This is why we at Coop Bilanciai have designed  Weighbridges  designed to meet the needs of this sector.

The fruit of our experience…

Since 1949, our aim has been to provide our customers with the best weighing solutions possible.

In the decades of our history, we have encountered many situations and we have faced most of the critical issues that your company could also experience.

It is the push towards innovation which has always guided us.

To offer you – today – the fruit of an experience and a passion which has been cultivated for several generations.

Our exclusive weighbridges. Increasingly precise and increasingly reliable. Studied exactly for your sector, agriculture.

… for the fruit of your land.

When it comes to weighing large quantities, volumes or vehicles  weighbridges are the ideal solution.

With a  wide range of proposals , all our weighbridges

  • ensure precise and accurate measurements
  • are made with safe and resistant materials
  • are easy to install and simple to use
  • are long-lasting
  • are designed with anti-corrosion and anti-wear technologies

Furthermore,  every single beam  – and every component – of  each of our weighbridges  is meticulously checked and subjected to a particular sandblasting process.

To ensure the highest level of security and accuracy.

Tailored to your company

Every agricultural company has its unique features. We at Coop Bilanciai know that all too well.

For this reason, personalisation is one of our focus points.

We have weighbridges of different types and models, of dimensions and capacities, able to meet – with efficiency and reliability – the specific needs of your reality.

Are you looking for the weighing solution to increase the productivity of your company to the maximum? Contact us!

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