Remove any uncertainty from your business. Secure your productivity with ongoing assistance!

Managing to talk to the technician. Waiting for his availability. Resolving the problem.

How much time does your company have to waste in the event of a breakdown or machine downtime before recording a loss in productivity?

And before returning to full capacity?

There is only one answer to those questions with us at Coop Bilanciai. Zero.

Restart? It is not needed if you have never stopped

There is now a way to reduce the risk of unnecessary interruptions.

Which one?

The right assistance. 

The right interventions at the right time can make your weighing systems more solid and can ensure safety and continuity in your company’s production.

Even if unexpected events occur!

All the support you need, exactly when you need it

Over 70 years of experience, consolidated skills in various sectors, a team of professional technicians at your constant service.

All our ongoing assistance packages stand out for their complete modularity.

So, depending on your needs, you can choose:

  • The timeliness of intervention: within 24h or within 72h
  • The type of assistance: remotely, by telephone or, if necessary, even face-to-face

Tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your company – whether it is large or small – our ongoing assistance contracts are fully customisable.

For a competitive advantage which makes the difference

As you know, malfunctions or production blocks can damage your company.

This is why our ongoing support packages are a strategic link to your productivity.

In more complex situations, we will directly support your technicians in resolving the case.

There are already so many companies like yours that have relied on us for the assistance of their weighing systems, of any brand.

If you too are looking for assistance that guarantees you timeliness and continuous effectiveness, Contact us!

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