Prompt. Complete support. Customised interventions. Coop Bilanciai: all the help you will need in a single partner.

What do you want from your assistance service?

We want everything. This is why, at Coop Bilanciai, we put assistance at the forefront of everything we do.

As the data shows: we were involved in over 5000 interventions in companies like yours.

What is special about our assistance service?


Mechanical, electronic, software or metrological problems… there are so many different complications that can lead to extremely serious breakdowns. Even, finally, up to a total blockage.

But an hour’s downtime is an hour’s lack of productivity.

At Coop Bilanciai, we fully understand that, and that’s why, whatever the problem in your production line, we are ready to quickly step in and resolve your issue as soon as possible.


For your staff and your machinery.

Throughout our 70 years of experience, we have seen a great many weighing systems and products. In many sectors.

We have been hands on, experimenting with and finding the most appropriate solutions to iron out the various critical issues that may affect any of your weighing equipment.

Specialists in technical support, at Coop Bilanciai we can make any piece of equipment in your production plant work just like new.

With a constant special focus on your technicians: we talk the same language and – before any on-site intervention – we are at their disposal to provide the best telephone support.


Do you need support for the operation of your products? Do you require a maintenance plan for them? Or do you want to request a support intervention?

Whatever you need, our team of professional technicians is at your service, thanks to our predictive maintenance software for your weighing systems.

If you need technical support for your weighing systems, we can help! Contact us!

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