The SBP/M weighbridge is the very best solution for weighing road vehicles and construction machines. The metal bridge is modular in design to facilitate transport, handling and installation and this also reduces the need for maintenance of the load-bearing surface. The bridge’s compact frame makes it possible to install either the classic pit version with a foundation depth of only 50 cm, or the raised version with ramps of only 40 cm in height. The measuring chain consists of a number of compression load cells in stainless steel, available in either analogue or digital versions. The weighing installation is completed by the electronic terminal which, with its optional extras, manages the weight display and any other required functions.
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • Product suitable for ATEX certification
  • Modular metal structure

Where to install

  • Pit-mounted and Pitless weighbridges for hars and muddy areas, e.g. mens, quarries, steel works and mineral processing plants
  • Installations in harsh operational sites where high levels of concentrated loads are experienced
  • High frequency use applications, e.g. ports and terminals, recycling plants and logistic operations


  • MULTI-RANGE version
  • ATEX version
  • Hot-galvanized metallic frame (450 °’a1C)
  • Customisable colour steel frame
  • Barriers for on-board weighing
  • Barriers for on-the-ground installation• Frame for surface-mounted weighbridgewithout foundations• Sloping terrain version
  • Metal ramps for Pitless-mounted version:Pair of metal ramps 2 lane (1 m wide each)Pair of metal ramps single lane(3 m wide each)
  • Electronic indicators and printers
  • Peripheral electronic devices
  • Anti-rodent load cell cable kit
  • Smartweigh Dilink for wireless connection
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