Modular weighbridge, S2C model, surface mounted version to weigh motor vehicles up to maximum of 80 t The 28.5 CM IN HEIGHT makes this model the ideal solution for surface installations with limited space for the ramps to be set up. The measuring system consists of a number of stainless steel compression load cells in the digital or analogue version. The displayed weight and accessory data are managed from the electronic terminal, which completes the weighing system with peripheral accessories.
  • Easy handling of the weighing bridge
  • Minimised height
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • Modular metal structure

Where to install

  • Surface mounted low height installations with ramps made of metal or compacted filling material
  • Temporary installations (sites, docks, etc).


  • Hot galvanised metal structure (450 °C)
  • Customised metal structure colour
  • Guard rail for installation on boardthe weighing platform
  • Guard rail for ground installation
  • Frame for ramps made of compactedmaterial
  • Galvanised pedestrian grating
  • Pair of metal ramps
  • Atex Version
  • Electronic terminals and printers
  • Peripheral electronic accessories
  • Anti-rodent cable kit (for digital cells)
  • EMULA KIT for wireless connections
  • Multirange Version
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