PRM platforms are characterized by their extremely compact frame and high degree of sturdinessand overload resistance. Weight measurement is effected by four stainless steel load cells with an IP67 protection rating. This one piece design, with feet for levelling connected directly to the cells, is a simple and functional system for transmitting the load. In addition it takes up a limited amount ofspace and is maintenance free. PRM platforms are available in two versions:PaintedAnticorrosive in AISI 304 stainless steel for use in harsher environments.Available with a surround frame for pit mounted versions; for the floor mounted version, optional access ramps can be attached for weighing trolleys. It is possible to connect all the electronic terminals to the platforms manufactured by Coop Bilanciai. The weighing systems configured in this way are CE type approved in compliance with the 2014/31 / EU directive.  
  • Pit or floor mounting
  • Adjustable feet
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • 4 load cells in stainless steel
  • Product suitable for ATEX certification

Main features

  • Capacity up to 8,000 kg
  • Pit or pitless mounting
  • Diagonal load cell mounting arrangement to ensure optimum performance
  • Facility for applyng idle roller conveyor with pvc or stainless steel rollers
  • Connection cables shielding with stainless steel pipes
  • Versions with customised dimensionsa nd capacity and aisi 316 stainles ssteel version up on request

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