The ECODIADE system is a SOFTWARE package specifically designed for Waste Collection Centre Management. The system is optimised for the DD2050 hardware platform; an electronic terminal manufactured by Coop Bilanciai, featuring high versatility and reliability even in outdoor environments. The high customisation design of the software responds to the varied needs of individual regional management requirements. The system features an attractive and intuitive graphical interface with voice guidance and touch screen. Open protocols are available for setting and exporting data from the device by using various modern communication channels (WiFi, ADSL, HSUPA, HSDPA and Ethernet). Optional software:Software ECOMASTER
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • DataBase on SQL Server
  • Touch screen
  • Barrier and traffic light management
  • Easy connection and data export
  • Simple and intuitive graphic interface thanks to the use of icons


  • Users’ identification with magnetic card (e.g. health insurance card) and/or barcode.
  • Users’ identification with RFID card (optional)
  • Multi-user scales management with possibility of leaving open sessions in standby mode to be subsequently re-opened at the end of the unloading operation
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-trolley
  • Vehicle number plate management for non-domestic users
  • Intelligent weighing: choice of the type of weighing to use and weighing mode depending on the weight of waste

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