The EASY Logis software is a specific software for the control and regulation of accesses for product delivery or collection and relative automatic management of weighing/billing operations. It allows the creation of a geographically delocalised but centrally managed control system. The system is optimised for the DD2060 Hardware platform and Gamma FLYNET terminals, the electronic terminals produced by Coop Bilanciai with high flexibility and reliability, which can be placed both outdoors and in offices/concierge. The software is highly customisable to configure the driver guide information that appears on the touch screen. It is also possible to configure the print layout, the control devices (bars, cameras, traffic lights, etc.) and a myriad of other possible options. With Easy logis, it is possible to issue transport Documents directly from the weighing terminal or from a Client PC connected to the system. The system is completely DB-Oriented: all information and all communication between the various devices pass through a SQL Server database. The system is compatible with all existing Dialogica series terminals (D 800, D 410). The software is expandable in modules to better meet specific needs. There are no limits to the logistical complexity that the system can handle.
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • DataBase on SQL Server
  • Barrier and traffic light management
  • Load detection camera
  • Number plate detection camera
  • Simple and intuitive graphic interface thanks to the use of icons


  • It allows us to greatly speed up the identification, weighing and acceptance of incoming vehicles
  • It avoids the direct management by an operator dedicated to the activities of acceptance, printing of documents,
    delivery receipts, weighing and access authorisations
  • It definitively solves the safety problems associated with truck drivers crossing the access lanes to get
    to the acceptance offices The whole procedure is carried out by the transporter on board the vehicle
  • It works 24/7
  • Less wiring compared to already existing solutions. The DD2060 terminal directly manages all the peripherals,
    weights included
  • Creation of a network of devices that can be managed via LAN (weighing terminals, bars, traffic lights, sensors, photocells,
    cameras, printers, etc.)
  • It gives an added value to any existing weighing terminals which become elements of a more complete system and
    which are especially manageable on the network (remote weight display and related data printing)

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