The D70E is an electronic terminal for general purpose applications equipped with Serial RS232/422 and Ethernet communication ports TCP_IP This unit has a large 20mm high intensity LED display and membrane keypad, and combines an exceptional quality-price ratio. Designed for applications where a clear and concise weight reading is required combined with the ability to print the results with a date and time stamp and interface to a higher level system the results. The D70E can be powered directly via an external mains adaptor or with internal AA batteries Carrying the CE mark of approval in compliance with directive 90/384 EEC, this indicator can be connected to any type of analogue load cell in Single Scale or Multirange versions.
  • Ethernet
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • Versatility of installation

Functional features

  • Date and time
  • Progressive number of the weighing (resettable)
  • Gross Weight, Tare, Net weight
  • Display of: GROSS weight – NET weight, number of pieces and average piece weight (when counting is enabled)
  • Auto tare or preset tare function
  • Reset
  • Test
  • Weight value transmission via a serial port or ethernet interface
  • Indication of battery charge status (if available)
  • Piece counter function with the possibility of printing the number of pieces counted
  • Partial total, general


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