Main terminal in stainless steel, provided with separate feeder consisting of a special container, that can be placed in a hazard zone up to a maximum distance of 10 m from the main terminal. The terminal incorporates various operation possibilities, making it suitable for all weighing needs in places with explosion risk, from display of weight to complex management of codes and additional data or use with weighbridges also with "double weighing" and calculation of net weight. The processed data can be transmitted at a distance thanks to the optional serial outputs, with optical fibre connections, thus enabling printing in a safe zone.
  • CE approved (Directive 2014/31/EU)
  • Versatility of installation
  • Product suitable for ATEX certification
  • Structure in AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Functional features

Weight display with variable height digits (16 / 32 mm)• Language selection for messages (6 languages)

  • Weighing system self-diagnostic function
  • Automatic tare’ weigh function by means of key, serial channel, or associated Input
  • Predetermined tare’ function by means of keypad
  • Reset by means of key, serial channel, or associated Input
  • Weight value transmission and additional data
  • Personalization of more frequently used functions for direct access by means of alphanumeric keypad
  • Sum weighing
  • Management of product codes with associated alphanumeric description (max. 20 characters)
  • Management of a generic alphanumeric code
  • Management of Multiple Tares
  • Possibility of totalization for a code or preselected function
  • Connection to all printer models supplied by Coop Bilanciai (optical fibre Serial option necessar y)
  • Weight control function with management of limits associated with product code (max. 500 codes)
  • “Manual selection” function with management of up to 15 weight ranges
  • “Double weighing” operation Specific functions are available by request, such the “Extraction function” that provides for loading a container on the scale and after activation of an input (start), the terminal resets the tare and closes an output contact to activate filling of the container until the set value is reached (also possible with 2 speed

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