Production line automation. Our weighing systems. Discover our AWI solutions for the meat industry.

What unites companies operating in the meat industry and production line automation?

Our innovative AWI systems.

With more than 70 years of experience in the meat weighing business and more than 30 in the automatic weighing sector, Coop Bilanciai meets the production needs of companies like yours.

From SMEs to large industries 

Who said that automation is only possible for large companies?

Coop Bilanciai believes that any company operating in the meat and sausage sector regardless of their size can benefit from automation.

Over the years, we have created and improved tailor-made AWI solutions: 

For large industries that require high-performance and complete end-of-line systems on multiple production lines.

For SMEs and craft businesses which usually need more compact and competitive solutions with the same labelling performance. 

The right solution for your needs 

Weighing systems, labellers, software. There are several automatic weighing solutions that we have designed for your company.

Some examples

  • Venus PX, a robust stainless steel AWI machine designed for the meat and sausage sector that can weigh special packages such as boxes and crates 
  • C-WRAP, our automatic C-labelling system for semi-wrap-around applications that allows labelling on top, underneath or on the side of the packaging of any rectangular, square or round product, including bottles and trays.
  • CONNECTA SQL is a software application that interconnects line weighing systems with ERP, facilitating and speeding up data exchange via the SQL database.

And much more.

Do you want to find out more about our AWI systems, software and accessories designed for your company? Contact us.

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