Periodic inspection: necessary, mandatory, sanctionable. From now on, don’t forget about it, let Coop Bilanciai take care of it for you!

As you know, when you work with commercial scales and weighing instruments, periodic inspections are a legal obligation.

And, as such, it requires a significant chunk of your time and resources. Especially if your production lines consist of equipment made by different companies.

Does constantly managing this task hamper or slow down your company’s productivity?

Fortunately, there is a custom solution just for you.

If it has to be done, let’s do it well.

At Coop Bilanciai, we have over 70 years’ experience in the field behind us, in various sectors and at any stage of the weighing tool’s life.

We design them, build them, and most importantly, we meticulously inspect them, paying utmost attention to all of the details.

To ensure a safe, certified and certified inspection.

A turnkey package

For any item of machinery that you have in your fleet.

Specifically, at Coop Bilanciai, we can ensure the proper functioning of your equipment:

  • NAWI, up to a maximum capacity of 200 tonnes
  • AWI, up to a maximum capacity of 60 kg
  • Vertical gravimetric filling machines, up to a maximum capacity of 1,800 kg

A wide range – encompassing different models, machine sizes and uses – designed specifically to relieve you of the commitment to carry out periodic verification several times and can offer you a complete solution.

Actually, two!

Many companies like yours are entrusting this guaranteed and customized service to us.

In fact, Coop Bilanciai can offer you two different solutions, designed to cater for your specific needs. Periodic inspection:

  1. Telephone based: whenever you need to inspect one or more machines, you can contact us, tell us the machines requiring an intervention and receive all the necessary information. With no obligation.
  2. A package: you can choose from packages of different durations, in which we take care of everything. We’ll let you know when your machine are approaching zero hour in good time. We will perform the inspection. And we will apply the tags follow this check.

In this way, you can truly forget about the legal obligation for periodic inspections.

Whatever your fleet, we can carry out the periodic inspection. Contact us!

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