Not simple scales, but weighing solutions

Give yourself the weighing solution you need. Whatever your needs may be. Whatever your industry may be. This has been Coop Bilanciai’s goal since 1949.

A goal that is not a simple goal, but a continuous path of experimentation, innovation and adaptation.

From manual scales to fully automatic weighing

Over the decades, the word has changed often, and so have we.

The demand for ever greater productivity has required ever more intelligent, automatic and integrated scales and weighbridges.

For this reason, at Coop Bilanciai, we have an entire department dedicated to industrial automation, always committed to creating new software, new tools and new solutions that are more autonomous and integrated into your production.

Solutions which – to be truly such – require a wide range of weighing instruments.

From analytical scales to weighbridges

Having a weighing solution for every need means being able to offer products ranging from small piece-counting scales to large weighbridges capable of detecting the weight of a fully loaded truck.

Creating, maintaining and constantly improving such a varied range of products is certainly not easy, but it is essential to be able to offer solutions that cover not only all needs, but also all industries.

From the steel industry to the medical industry

Each productive industry has its own individual peculiarities.

However, there is something that unites them all: at some stage of your production process you will need to carry out weight measurements. And they must be precise, reliable and fast.

If we are able to provide efficient weighing solutions for any sector or industry, this is only thanks to decades of experience, of field tests and collaboration with the customer to find the best result.

If you are looking for a weighing solution tailored to your needs, we can provide it to you.

Visit our site to find out more.


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