Law 690: To date you have compensated with overdosing. But what if there was a better way?

Do you work in the food industry and do your prepackaged items have predefined fixed weights? Then you know that your company must comply with the requirements of Law 690 concerning the control of fixed weight

Constraints that – if not faced with the right tool – can have an adverse impact or slow down your productivity in many ways!

When under-dosing is dangerous…

Inserting a lower quantity of product than that indicated on the label risks precipitating a shower of rather salty sanctions on your company.

Especially because checks on the correctness of the weights you declare can take place at multiple levels, and starting from different subjects, whether your products are intended for large-scale retail or HORECA, or directly to the final consumer.

Not to mention the loss of credibility on the market.

…and overdosing is not cheap…

Overdosing can also be equally unfavourable for your business. How?

Because systematically giving away a certain amount of product in each package every time means losing a share of your productivity and, therefore, of your performance.

To prevent this from happening, you can rely on us at Coop Bilanciai.

…we have a solution for you!

With our checkweighers you can monitor and verify the actual weight of your packaging in a simple, fast and safe way.

Thanks to the best hardware and software components, our checkweighers:

  • They weigh the exact amount of product contained in each package
  • They guarantee that there are none missing from the package
  • They send you real-time information about the progress of the batch, so that you can intervene promptly, improving the production process
  • Maximises productivity thanks to high-frequency weight detection
  • They automatically select the most suitable packaging for the batch, distinguishing them from those which do not conform.

Allowing you – in this way – to eliminate the quantity of rejects/waste and speed up your production lines, in full compliance with the law!

If you are looking for a scale that can optimise your filling process, avoid unnecessary penalties and reduce costs related to overdosing, contact us!

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