ISO calibration report

We offer an ISO 9001 calibration service for both our own and other brands of scales.

For those who have to follow quality procedures and meet customers’ strict requirements, Società Cooperativa Bilanciai offers a scale calibration service, both on its own scales and on those by other manufacturers. The wide range of ACL certified equipment (60 tons of masses, class E2, F1, M1 weight sets and load cells) allows performing calibration on any type of scales and weighting devices: weigh bridges for vehicles and railway wagons, weighing platforms, legal-for-trade scales, analytical scales, weighing systems with hoppers or tanks, concrete batching units, special weighing systems, etc. Following the tests performed by qualified technicians, a “Calibration report” is issued to certify the results obtained. If required, the technical staff can also perform calibration operations to calibrate the tool again.
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