Large factories mean large rail transport requirements. With CB weighing systems you can meet them.

Those who run large factories where rail transport arrives directly at the premises, have special weighing needs.

For more than 70 years Coop Bilanciai has been working alongside these companies and we have developed tailor-made solutions which allow in-house management

The right tool for every need 

Manage the arrival of goods by rail comfortably within your factory.

Manage large volumes of goods and ensure accurate measurement at every stage of the process.

Manage the entry and exit of vehicles transporting goods, optimising movements with flow and control systems such as traffic lights, cameras, and automatic barriers.

These are just some of the processes that you can simplify and speed up with our weighing solutions.

Advanced systems, equipped with the best technology, like our exclusive galvanised or painted weighbridges.

They can be used on curved railway sections.

The advantages of having a single partner  

Different needs often require different suppliers.

Coop Bilanciai provides a targeted response to all weighing needs with the advantage of relying on a single partner.

A single contact person will take care of everything related to weighing in your factory. This includes identifying the best weighing instruments for rail transport, and implementing and maintaining these systems.

Choose the best solutions for your factory. Choose Coop Bilanciai weighing systems.

Contact us.

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