Large factories generate large quantities of waste. Now you can manage them more easily, directly in the Cloud!

Large factories  like yours produce large quantities of waste every day. But do you know exactly how much and whatthe various users in your business provide?

Can you charge your customers only for the waste they generate?

And, above all, are you able to make accurate measurements which hold a trace of the various provisions?

If the answer is no or partly no, we at Coop Bilanciai have a complete and customised solution for you.

IWM, our management and refuse control system in the Cloud.

Great advantages for your business

Studied mainly for offices, shopping centres, airports, hospitals, industries, restaurants and large waste management companies… IWM weighs, registers, acquires and analyses data directly from within the storage area of your containers.

Offering you numerous advantages!

  • It allows you to track the exact amount and type of refuse provided from each user
  • It guarantees that the relative costs of disposal are correctly distributed based on the effective production of the occupants
  • It records the production of waste coming from several sources
  • It files the data in the Cloud, making it accessible to you and your staff at any time
  • It generates detailed reports which you can use both for invoicing and to control waste

In this way, IWM allows you to optimise the waste management of your business.

Even in the case of contaminating or hazardous waste!

Fast and precise traceability

Our innovative software IWM is versatile and integrates easily with the management systems which you already have.

Thanks to the Cloud management, it allows you to download the report of the provision for traceability and easier, faster and more accurate checking.

It simplifies your plant’s processes. Manage your waste in the Cloud with IWM. Contact us!

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