Integration -> Automation -> Quality: a process you know well. Our proposal? Coop Bilanciai checkweighers

The automation of quality control is important. But the integration between the machines of your department is even more so.

And for this, for years, we at Coop Bilanciai have produced checkweighers capable of automating quality control and integrating it with your management system.

In a double sense!

In fact, our checkweighers adapt to your production process and expand it with advanced features.

They communicate bidirectionally with your CRM and ERP management software

The most suitable solution to your department’s requests

Every day we meet countless technicians like you who have already chosen our checkweighers for their quality control.


So we have collated their most frequently asked questions and provided our answers.


  1. Do Coop Bilanciai checkweighers notify you in the event of anomalies?

Yes, when they reject products because they are outside the limits established by law or do not comply with the range you have set, they report the discrepancy to you.

  1. Do they monitor the production process?

Yes, they monitor the fill of your products and track real-time characteristics such as average, deviation and moving average.

  1. Is their feedback system linked to the presence of particular machinery?

No, the feedback is a digital signal that you can set depending on various parameters, adapting it to the different filling and packaging systems placed in line upstream of the checkweigher.

  1. Do they produce productive reports?

Yes, thanks to the CTRL software they autonomously generate the reports in PDF and CSV files and supply the production reports such as, for example, the yield of the work to your quality system.

What’s more they provide you with statistical data on the batches being produced.

  1. In addition to checking the weight, do they also detect any missing parts?

Yes, including labels, instruction leaflets and even products by weight-related counting.

This is why our checkweighers are appreciated, for example, by the technical departments of companies such as Mitaca, B. Braun, Oleificio Domenico Manca and Zeta Punto

Because they simplify the task of identifying, respectively, the lack of pods, syringes, bottles and leaflets inside their packages!

If you too are looking for a checkweigher which automates quality control whilst ensuring maximum integration, contact us!

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