How to automate operations within your quarry? Coop Bilanciai makes it easier to choose.

Choosing the right automation solution is difficult.
Vehicle Transit Management. Safety issues. Process and material monitoring.

These are just some of the complex operations companies like yours face daily while managing a quarry.

Operations that can be simplified with our automated weighing systems.

Tailor-made solutions designed for your industry, enabling process optimisation.

The right tools to automate your quarry  

Specialising in weighing systems for more than 70 years, Coop Bilanciai provides solutions and tools that automate the management of quarry deliveries and removals.

They reduce physical movements and ensure maximum safety for your staff.

Increasingly demanded state-of-the-art tools, such as:

  • Our two-way operation weighbridges
  • Self-service weighing terminals, which speed up driver operations
  • OCR cameras for vehicle number plate recognition and HD cameras that allow immediate detection of the quantity and type of loaded material
  • Tablets for digitally signing transport documents, complete with CE marking
  • Traffic lights and barriers that make site access management easier and more immediate

The right tools are indispensable for increasing a quarry’s management efficiency, but they may not be enough.

That is why Coop Bilanciai provides complete solutions with

The most advanced software to optimise processes  

Advanced software allows:

  • Managing messaging for access control and regulation
  • Easily monitoring quarry costs and activities, integrated with the management system
  • Controlling the quality of the extracted material and any vehicle overloading
  • Monitoring the site exploitation rate
  • Creating the necessary documentation

This provides the site with four strategic advantages  

Our automated quarry solutions make no compromises. They ensure advantages that go beyond accuracy.

Coop Bilanciai solutions reduce operating costs, minimise the risk of human error, digitise the most relevant data and increase process control and traceability.

Seize these advantages. Find out more about our automated weighing solutions for quarries.
Contact us.


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