How do I get in? What computer do I need? Who carries out maintenance? With cloud-based weighing software, you will stop worrying about these questions.

In a world that is heading increasingly towards automation, software is increasingly playing a leading part.

For this reason, we at Coop Bilanciai have dedicated the same care and meticulousness to software that we dedicate to our tools when creating our weighing solutions.

In addition to efficiency, capacity for integration and ease of use, there is another characteristic that we consider decisive: the Cloud.

A software that operates in the Cloud finally enables us to give a definitive response to some the questions that are not just of those involved in the IT department, but also those who use the programs every day.

How do I get in?

Wherever they are.

One of the characteristics of cloud-based software is the possibility of accessing it from any part of the world.

You are no longer restricted to your company network or your office, nor is it important whether you are at your workstation or on a business trip: the software and all of the data will always be available to you.

This is particularly important with solutions like ours which integrate with ERP and CRM. Your administrative department may be on another site, or in another city, or even on another continent, and it would not make any difference.


What computer do I need?

Any device capable of running a browser. In realty, you don’t even need a computer as the software can be also be run on a mobile device.

Apple or Windows, whatever version. Iphone or Android phones. Recent machines, or one that is more dated. All of these problems have now been removed from the equation thanks to our cloud solutions.

Who carries out maintenance?


The software is based on our machines, so we take care of keeping it secure, applying updates, and implementing new functionality.

Thanks to the cloud, the days of being forced to try and prolong the life of an ancient computer with an obsolete operating system are over, as the software for your instruments only runs there.

Today, your software is always the latest version, always at maximum efficiency, irrespective of your machinery.

Software: the last piece of the manufacturing puzzle

Weighing has always been an essential element of any industrial production process.

In processes where automation plays an increasingly dominant role, intelligent scales that talk to the other tools and integrate with the management software are necessary.

Connecting all of this is our software.

Click here if you want to learn how our software can improve your productivity!

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