Fruit Logistica 2024: weighing, sorting, and labelling solutions. Book your appointment and receive your free ticket!

In Berlin from 7 to 9 February, the fruit and vegetable sector will meet in the prestigious Fruit Logistics.

We at Coop Bilanciai cannot miss it!

📍 You will find us at our stand n. A-12 in Hall 2.1 where will showcase cutting-edge weighing, sorting, and labeling solutions tailored for the fruit and vegetables sector. You’ll explore our Galaxi and Selecta solutions, designed to optimize pricing, labeling, and weight control both for fixed-weight and variable-weight products.

Galaxi Line: pricing, labelling, and weighing control.

Our new generation of weigh-price labeler Galaxi series, designed with a background know-how of over 50 years of experience in the field provides you the maximum flexibility and reliability to satisfy your production line’s needs.

These make them the ideal solution for weighing and pricing even highly irregular products such as those in the agricultural sector.

Line Selecta: weight control and metal detector

The control of the fixed weight is a very important component in the fruit and vegetable sector. Our machines of the Selecta series are specifically designed to ensure the highest quality.

The technology of Selecta allows the selection of products not only based on weight but also on the presence of metal contaminants.

➡ To ensure that you have the time to find out about the functionality of our machines, we offer you the possibility to book your meeting with one of our specialists in the field in advance. Together you will find the most suitable weighing system to meet the specific needs of your company.

If you book the meeting, we will give you the entrance ticket!

Book and get the code for your free ticket now!

👉 Link to the booking form

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