From pioneers to major European manufacturers: we create your digital load cells just for you

Load cells are an indispensable element of weighing systems.
Digital load cells are their natural evolution.
More reliable, more performing, smarter!

And – we at Coop Bilanciai – with more than 20,000 units per year, are the main European producers.

We produce them in Italy of all sizes and capacities, operating on both compression or traction, to be used within other instruments or to be connected directly to tanks and silos.

We produce your digital cells…

We were among the first to believe in this technology: and since 1997, we have been producing digital load cells.
For over these 25 years, we have created, experimented, and refined our techniques, acquiring extensive experience in the design and manufacture of these products.
Today, our digital cells are the beating heart of several weighing machines and automated industrial weighing systems.
However, our production is not just limited to load cells!

…We can produce your entire scale…

Since 1949,
we at Coop Bilanciai have been creating weighing systems specifically designed for companies like yours.
The scales are perfectly manufactured and fully operational, both from a mechanical components and a technological point of view, including the software installed on our electronic instruments and PC software for different applications, to offer you a complete solution able to guarantee high performance… under any circumstances!

…And the software with which it can be equipped!

Our digital load cells have internal predictive diagnostic systems – such as our Nexia software – that operate at a group level.
From the minute that cells are installed in blocks of 6 or higher, when one of them begins to show even minimal anomalies, the system informs you in real time, indicating exactly which of the many cells need maintenance.

In this manner, the Coop Bilanciai brand digital cells not only report a breakdown, they even prevent it!

Cut down machine down times.
Reducing costs and intervention times.
Guaranteeing you high-performance weighing systems.


In addition, unlike the 2-year warranty of traditional analogue cells, our digital cells have a 5-year warranty!
If you are looking for reliability and experience, then you are looking for one of our digital load cells! Contact us!

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