Fixed-weight weighing products: automated, manual or sample control. With Coop Bilanciai the cost becomes a saving!

Are you looking for a reliable machine that can check the compliance of your fixed weight pre-packaged products and optimise your production cycle?

Coop Bilanciai has a tailor-made solution for you!

A great solution for small businesses

If you are a small company, you need a tool to control your fixed weight products to ensure low costs and maximum safety.

A tool like our Flynet50 Control System!

An approved manual weighing system, perfect for checking the statistical weight of your pre-packaged products, even per sample.

One solution to manage each step:

  • Weigh the products required for minimal sampling
  • Prepare reporting
  • Print the certificate for the whole batch directly.

In addition, the Flynet50 Control System:

  • Interfaces with your production and control
  • Exports the data
  • Stores all information concerning your products, your lines, packaging, the individual weights and shift workers.

It also gives you the option of connecting to a second scale for even more advanced control!

And what if you are thinking of expanding your business?

The automated solution for large companies

If you are a large company, you need machines to control the weight of your pre-packaged products that can automate your processes, giving you total control.

Machines like our in-line checkweighers!

With 100% in-line control of the entire batch, our sorters ensure you and your customers get the best quality of all your products.

  • They inform you in real time of the conditions of each package, even those of different sizes
  • They offer you the advantage of being able to intervene directly on the dosage, eliminating waste and overdosing
  • Perfectly integrated with the systems already present in your business – including ERP and MES – our checkweighers warn you in the event of any anomalies

Allowing you to carry out maintenance promptly and save unnecessary downtime!

Optimise your production. Choose the most suitable solution to control your fixed weight pre-packaged products. Contact us!

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