Don’t reduce the cost of unexpected events. Reduce the number with our self-diagnostic software!

Suddenly, a load cell failure occurs. How much does this machine downtime cost your company?
When one of the digital cells on your scale gets damaged, your production department crashes, causing you to experience a loss due to non-production.

In addition, you still have to bear the fixed costs related to your department.

To avoid this double loss, we at Coop Bilanciai have created a targeted solution.

Nexia, the intelligent software for self-diagnosis of your digital cells

Specially designed to operate on digital load cells, Nexia is an innovative predictive remote maintenance software.

Work in the cloud and all the information arrives directly to your systems – in real time – to ensure the correct functioning of your different weighing stations.

How? By monitoring the health of your department in a preventive… but also predictive way!

Prevents sudden breakdowns

Through the information revealed by its sensors, Nexia allows you to schedule and carry out maintenance operations at regular intervals, or when a certain threshold of use is exceeded.

This significantly reduces the likelihood of sudden breakdown of your digital load cells.

In addition, it improves the organization of work, guaranteeing the ability to manage machine downtimes in the most convenient times and ways for your company.

But that’s not all!

It proactively predicts systemic failures

Thanks to its sophisticated technology, Nexia is not limited to preventing breakdowns.
It constantly monitors the operation of your weighing systems and allows you to predict when one of your cells might break.
By eliminating machine downtimes directly at the root of the problem and… optimising your company’s production!

Forget about the risk of machine downtime. Let Nexia handle this for you! Contact us!

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