Do you work in the meat sector? Forget about weighing limits with our NAWI platforms.

Do you run an SME producing cured meat? Or a large enterprise working in the meat industry?

In both cases, if you need to perform weighing up to eight tons, Coop Bilanciai has a tailor-made solution – our NAWI weighing platforms. 

Advanced NAWI platforms 

In more than 70 years of experience, Coop Bilanciai has supported many companies like yours, involved in meat and cured meat production.

Over these decades, we have understood the needs of those involved in the production, weighing and packaging of quality food products.

We created tools to simplify and speed up your weighing operations – innovative non-automatic platforms such as our PRM-IT, PRM-CV and PRM-CX.  

Three high-performance stainless steel or painted platforms, available in underground and floor-standing versions.  

Easy to use and clean, our NAWI platforms provide the highest accuracy and reliability for every weighing task – all sizes from a small truck to a van.

Our platforms’ additional features provide your company with advantages. 

Coop Bilanciai has an ambitious goal – to cover all your weighing needs.

Our NAWI platforms provide several advantages.

  1. Weighing optimisation which meet the required accuracy levels
  2. Equipping the production department with small tools that have an extremely robust monobloc structure and can withstand overloading
  3. Ensuring approved weighing systems suitable for harsh environments or which require compliance with the most stringent safety and hygiene regulations
  4. Ensuring easier and faster communication with management systems, and other machinery, using our open standards
  5. You can count on complete solutions which integrate with innovative terminals, options and software

Choose precision and reliability. Choose NAWI weighing platforms designed to meet your business needs. Contact us.

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