Do you want a weighing system on rails? Don’t miss your train. With CB rail scales, your company gets many advantages.

Managing rail transport weighing requires different equipment. And often different suppliers. This is unnecessary with Coop Bilanciai weighing systems.

Designed as a turnkey solution, our rail transport weighing systems are accurate, durable and can be delivered directly into your factory.

Advantages that optimise your production

Choosing our rail transport weighing solutions provides several benefits.

Rail weighing, even in curved sections

Our innovative solutions are built with advanced components that allow accurate and precise weighing in any situation.  Even in curved railway sections.

⚖ Different customised solutions

Every factory is different. Coop Bilanciai provides customised rail scales and weighing systems to meet your business needs.

Our painted or galvanised weighbridges are designed for weighing railway wagons and vehicles and equipped with grid areas for unloading products.

Structural maintenance is simple and straightforward.

The versions with digital cells have a real time self-diagnostic function for each system component.

⚖ A single partner

Initial consultation, implementation, installation, after-sales service.

Four stages of the weighing systems that are often handled by different suppliers.

Our company will provide this as a single partner which has

more than 70 years of experience

For several decades, we have been designing weighing systems for companies like yours.

The rail transport sector has always fascinated us, which is why, during our many years of experience, we have improved advanced solutions that are the flagship of Coop Bilanciai’s production.

Precision. Reliability. Efficiency. Optimise your weighing management with our rail weighing solutions. Contact us.

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