Sustainability report: the needles of our scales point –> to sustainable choices.

Sustainability report: the needles of our scales point –> to sustainable choices.


We have been creating weighing systems for companies like yours for over 70 years. Our weighing scales are capable of satisfying your needs and, at the same time, thinking about future generations.

Because for us at Coop Bilanciai, sustainability is a value to be defended and protected.

For this reason, on the occasion of the presentation of our first Sustainability Report, we have collected significant numbers in every sense!

Economic sustainability

In 2021, Coop Bilanciai is the leading Italian manufacturer of weighing scales.

The number of units produced is higher than the sum of those made by the second, third and fourth Italian companies combined.

We reinvest the well-being that we generate with our production in the growth of our company, our personnel and our country’s economic fabric.

Social sustainability

We strongly believe in diversity and sustainability. For this reason, at internal level:

  • 31% of the Board of Directors are women and 23% are employees – compared to a national average in the sector equal to 19.4%
  • The average salary for men and women is aligned in each category
  • Over 35% of members of the Board are under 50 years old
  • The retention rate is 1%
  • The mutuality index is 27%

Externally however for the Customer Satisfaction Index we have registered 96.5%!

Environmental sustainability

For us at Coop Bilanciai, protection of the environment takes first place.

We responsibly manage the supply chain : 93% of the total expenses for supply is destined to local suppliers. This allows us to shorten the supply chain and reduce transport and logistics consumption.

We use resources efficiently, we limit water consumption and an increasing amount of energy we use comes from renewable resources.

We have reduced the amount of non-hazardous waste produced by 8.74% and 99.39% of this is recycled.

And we have brought the recycling of hazardous waste up to 76.5%, without consequences for the environment.

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