Developing weighing systems for each industry would take decades. That’s right, 70 years to be exact

It has been our mission since 1949: to be able to find the best weighing solution for any need, in any production sector.

A goal that is far from simple, which we were able to achieve only thanks to commitment, experience and time.

Agriculture, Food, Construction and quarries, Plant engineering, Logistics and transport, Manufacturing, Medical, Petrochemical, Ecological waste, Iron and steel.

These are the production sectors to which we offer our weighing solutions.

To be able to do this we first had to get to know them, then we developed the necessary technologies and instruments, then we continued to improve and adapt them.

Knowing one’s own customers

Understanding your customers’ needs is the first, an essential step to satisfying them.

Each sector has its own individual peculiarities.

The environments of use in the construction industry are completely different from those in the steel industry.

The precision required in the medical field is not comparable to that adequate for agriculture.

The materials of the petrochemical or ecological waste present completely different criticalities from those of the food industry.

Throughout the decades of our history, we have worked with companies in each of these industries.

We met their technicians, listened to their requests, fully understood the conditions in which the instruments would operate.

Developing the necessary tools

The manufacturing industry brings together a huge range of different companies, the plant engineering industry is constantly evolving, logistics covers situations ranging from road transport to container ships.

To meet all these different needs, it is vital to have an equally varied range of tools and instruments available. And the ability to modify and adapt them according to each situation.

This is why we have such a wide range of industrial scales, weighbridges and other weighing solutions. This is why we are able to customise them to satisfy even the most particular requirements and requests.

If you are looking for a weighing solution for your business, we can provide it to you, whatever your industry may be.

Visit our site to find out more.

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