From the choice of instruments and tools to after-sales assistance. A complete solution, a single supplier.

When it comes to weighing, you don’t need simple tools, you need solutions.

You need a contact person who fully understands your needs.

To help you choose tools and instruments which can integrate with your production process.

To guarantee you fast support, constant maintenance and uninterrupted productivity.

You need someone like Coop Bilanciai

We draw on the experience of the past …

We have been dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible weighing solution since 1949.

Over the decades we have seen countless situations, resolved critical issues and found new ways.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience of which few can boast, which has allowed us to improve our tools and services and to develop new ones.

to satisfy the needs of the present…

It is thanks to this experience that we are now able to satisfy even the most complex requests.

Decades of evolution, of continuous improvements, of field tests, have allowed us to reach very high levels of performance and reliability.

The weighbridges, the load cells and the industrial scales that we present to you today are the most recent stage in a process of continuous innovation that began 70 years ago.

Whatever your weighing needs are, we have probably encountered them in the past. And we have developed a suitable solution.

and support you in the challenges of the future

Like our weighing instruments and our services, your needs are also constantly evolving.

Automation, integrated production and quality control have increasingly stringent requirements. Requirements to which we respond with our software, predictive maintenance and an after-sales service always at your disposal.

A complete solution with a single point of contact : we can provide that to you.

Visit our site to find out more.

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