Società Cooperativa Bilanciai Campogalliano is committed to operating in an ethical and responsible way and asks its stakeholders – meaning directors, managers, supervisory bodies, managers, employees and other employees of the Group – and its business partners to operate accordingly and in compliance with:

  • Code of Ethics and values of Società Cooperativa Bilanciai Campogalliano and its Group;
  • Laws and regulations;
  • Measures of Public Authorities;
  • Model 231 and/or business procedures;
  • Human rights.

What you can report

Società Cooperativa Bilanciai Campogalliano strongly encourages all its stakeholders to report any illegal activity, as well as any conduct that causes damage or injury, including image to the Group’s companies.

To this end, Società Cooperativa Bilanciai Campogalliano has implemented specific rules and a reporting process to provide potential Signallers with secure channels that guarantee the confidentiality of their identity as well as the information contained in the report, their protection against possible retaliation and also anonymity where the conditions are met.

How can you report

Società Cooperativa Bilanciai Campogalliano has made available a digital platform, in order to ensure the effectiveness and confidentiality of the reporting process and provide wide and indiscriminate access to all those who want to make a report.

The platform can be used online with any device, including mobile, and any web browser including TOR for maximum protection of anonymity. All reports received are encrypted and the data is stored on secure servers, outside the corporate network.

How can I submit and follow my report?

Click on “Send report” to send the message. At the end of the procedure, you will receive an “identification code” of your report. Store it safely, you will be used to monitor the status of your report and to chat with subjects authorized to manage it.

Within 7 days you will receive a reply or a request for further information.

Useful documents:
Privacy policy of the signaller
Whistleblowing procedure

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