A company is sustainable only if it thinks about the future

Here at Coop Bilanciai, we make weighing solutions, this means producing systems that meet the needs of your company while simultaneously promoting the well-being of oursociety, people in general, and the environment.

That is why – from the very outset of our company – we have paid special attention to the topic of sustainability!

3 facets of sustainability, but only one global commitment

We like to imagine sustainability as a triangle in which each angle corresponds to a different aspect of sustainability… Here at Coop Bilanciai, we work on those angles every day.

The first angle stands for economic sustainability. The second indicates social sustainability and the third, the environment.

What do we do for each of them?


Meeting more than 20% of the national demand, we at Coop Bilanciai are the leading Italian manufacturer of weighing instruments.

But our reach also extends beyond our national borders: we have two associated companies – one in Spain and one in the United States – and no less than six subsidiaries throughout Europe.

In this way, we can meet the weighing requirements of many companies like yours!


We firmly believe in the values of diversity and inclusion, in all their forms. This is why we can boast of an above-average percentage of women employees and board members.

We encourage hiring young people, and we devote time and resources to training, which we see as a precursor to innovation.

All this – combined with a strong mutuality – makes the retention rate of our Cooperative one of the highest in the sector.


We at Coop Bilanciai protect the environment in several ways:

  • We manage the supply chain responsibly by preferring local suppliers
  • We use resources efficiently: we limit water consumption and produce our scales using natural gas and electricity
  • We reduce CO2 emissions
  • We moderate waste production and promote recycling

Would you like to learn more about our achievements and our daily commitment to sustainability?

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