Coop Bilanciai Weighing Systems: Great Solutions for Small Businesses

You can significantly reduce your production costs. With the right tools.

Equipment that is precise and reliable over time, but also extraordinarily functional… like our weighing systems.

Tailored solutions for your business

After over 70 years in the weighing business, here at Coop Bilanciai have developed thousands of solutions for companies just like yours.

Each time we start with a specific question: why force small businesses to buy weighing systems that are out of proportion to their needs?

Our goal is to offer your company a different solution: the right one for your specific needs.

Advanced and easy-to-use weighing systems

Flexible and customisable.

Our weighing solutions for small businesses make no compromises: a small investment will guarantee you maximum results.

Would you like some examples of the solutions we have created for you?


Our manual weighing and labelling system is specially designed for food manufacturing companies with an artisan production background.

A system that adapts to the needs of your business and allows you to produce complete labels that contain all the details about your packaged products.

Flynet 50 Control System

The approved manual weighing system with innovative software for statistical sample weight inspection of your pre-packed fixed-weight products .

➡  Our exclusive Visual Dosing Software

Software specially designed to help you place the exact amount of product inside each of your packages.

To optimise your production

These are just some of the different Coop Bilanciai weighing solutions where flexibility, innovation and usability facilitate the work of countless businesses like yours. Equipping yourself with our weighing systems means reducing time and costs and making production more efficient.

If you are looking for a weighing scale that can turn costs into savings, contact us!



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