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Mercury Plus price-weight labelling devices were introduced into the sliced salami and cooked meat department. They are used to weigh and label products with both a variable and fixed weight, in accordance with orders entered by the client.
Specifically, Mercury – with its double printing and application system from the top and bottom – is used to accurately apply brand labels to the upper part, while the technical label is positioned on the lower part, or viceversa, in an extremely flexible manner. Besides EAN barcodes, these labels also contain data on weight (variable or fixed), dates, sums and all the other information provided and programmed by the management system for that particular client, in addition new GS1 DATABAR barcodes.
In case of a fixed weight, Mercury Plus is used to check package weights in accordance with the requirements of Law 690 and Presidential Decree 391, and produces a final report as well.

Thanks to an accessory printing system, the Mercury Plus system also produces a total label for crates or pallets, once the total number of pieces provided has been reached or – more simply – upon the operator’s request.
Furthermore, additional accessories such as stop gates for trays and/or sacks and switches at the end of the line – both to separate OK packages from rejected packages and to sort packages once they have reached a given total – are available to create an extremely automated and highly flexible system, providing the ideal solution for the production needs of a modern cold meat and salami packaging department.


  •     double printing and application system from both the top and bottom
  •     brand label (above), technical label (below)
  •     label with an EAN barcode as well as weight, lot, and traceability information
  •     total labels for crates and pallets
  •     Packing List (kg, lb) printouts for export outside the EEC
  •     pallet label with an SSCC code
  •     efficient operations to produce transport documents, invoices and warehouse unloading documents without further manual intervention, eliminating dead times, waste and errors
  •     flexible system use

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