Weighing of DUMPER with capacity 190 t

Our solution

What we needed was a system capable of weighing a dumper truck with a track of 5m and a maximum capacity of 190 tons.
Given the size of the dumper we needed to limit to the maximum the number of times the driver got into and out of the truck.
In light of these requirements we thought of a special weighbridge with a length of 8 metres, a width of 6.5 metres and a capacity of 190 tons.
By installing an automatic reading system the weight can be acquired simply by having the truck pass across the weighbridge.

The weight is automatically read and processed thanks to the radio signal sent by a transmitter onboard the truck to a receiver on the ground. The same signal is then sent to the customer’s database without having to print it. 
Once the weighing operations have been completed, the system activates a traffic light indicating that the truck can leave.


  • Possibility of handling large loads thanks to the specifically designed product
  • Reduced dead times thanks to the automatic reading system
  • No operator typing errors
  • Automatic truck recognition

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